Prospective Students

    • Why should I study Electrical Engineering at ITU?
    • What will I learn in ITU Electrical Engineering?
    • What is the difference between Electrical and Electronics-Communication engineering?
    • What are the major areas of specialization in ITU Electrical Engineering?
    • What are the career opportunities after graduation?
    • What are the job opportunities for your graduates?
    • What are the laboratory facilities at the department?
    • How about the number of faculty members?
    • How many undergraduate and graduate students are registered with the Department of Electrical Engineering?
    • Is ITU Electrical Engineering an appropriate department for women?
    • Where can I reach the curriculum and lecture contents of the Electrical Engineering Department?
    • Can I attend research studies during my undergraduate study?
    • Can I go abroad during or after my education?
    • Is this department hard to study?
    • Are there any opportunities to start working close to ITU Campuses before the graduation?
    • Are library facilities sufficient at ITU?
    • Can I improve my foreign language at ITU?
    • Can all new students at ITU benefit from dormitories on campus?
    • What are Minor and Double Major Programs? What options do I have if you become an Electrical Engineer student?
    • If I cannot win your department, can I transfer to Electrical Engineering from another department of ITU?

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